Scientifically based
activation of the
Self-Healing Powers
and the
Release of STRESS

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Due to the drastic weakening of the immune system in connection with the Corona spread, we have reduced the prices for some relevant Medical Programmes worldwide.

Especially in times of the unpredictable Corona virus, Medical Resonance Therapy Music® becomes an indispensable help for our health.

The main enemy of our immune system and our health is without doubt STRESS, because especially chronic STRESS reduces the activity of the immune system to a minimum –, and Medical Resonance Therapy Music® is proven to be by far the best scientific medical preparation against STRESS.

Stress-Reducing Effects of 
Medical Resonance Therapy Music®

At the
International Conference on
of the Russian Academy of Sciences in cooperation with the World Health Organisation of the United Nations (WHO), Prof. Dr. med. G. Gerassimowitsch and Prof. Dr. med. W. Sidorenko, Medical University of Minsk reported:


Compared to conventional drug treatment, Medical Resonance Therapy Music® proved to be four times more effective in reducing physiological manifestations of STRESS.
In addition, it proved eight times more effective than conventional treatment in improving psychological status and restoring normal psychological functioning in initially disturbed psychological profiles.

Due to its superior effectiveness, Medical Resonance Therapy Music® reduces the length of hospital stay by 20-25%..

The uniqueness of
Medical Resonance Therapy Music®

“A new kind of medicine,
a mathematical,
digital pharmaceutical
with a powerful effect
to harmonise physiological processes.”

Prof. Alexander Reznikov, M.D.

Member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Academy of Sciences of New York, Head of the Laboratory for Neurohormonal Control of Reproduction at the famous Research Institute for Neuroendocrinology in Kiev, Ukraine, Research Partner Institution of the World Health Organization (WHO) and Visiting Professor at the Universities of Dallas, Texas and Toronto, Canada - one of the leading hormone researchers and successful drug developer of the CIS, the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The Cosmic Harmony Laws
The Health Center of Nature

The targeted systematic and holistic dissolution of STRESS and activation of the self-healing powers permanently counteracts the escalation and proliferation of ever new dangers to health.

Here, in scientific medicine, so far only the harmony laws of nature have proven themselves, and especially their scientific application through sound.

So far, this is the only proven future-oriented medical concept - it is not new, but ancient, but so far only the great physicians in the higher cultures have been able to use it.

But through the scientific-technical developments of our time, for the first time in the known history of mankind, everyone can become acquainted with his or her health in a holistic way, make friends and successfully counteract and put a stop to the manifold illnesses with the help of the scientific application of the natural laws of harmony.

These laws of harmony originally bring about the miracle of the entire universe – they keep everything in orderly dynamic motion in the entire cosmos, direct the course of the stars, etc., and thus also our individual health: physically, psychologically, in all our organs - holistically.

With regard to our health, there is no way around these laws of harmony – as everywhere in creation.
Just as the slightest deviation from these laws of harmony would throw our earth off course in its course around the sun and leave it open to destruction and would destroy us all, so it would also happen accordingly to our health and our life if our neurophysiological processes were to deviate from the laws of harmony.

Therefore, in our present time of extraordinary STRESS, our health maintenance and regeneration processes urgently need qualified orientation and support through the targeted and systematic holistic activation of the laws of harmony in all aspects of our lives.

Medical Resonance Therapy Music®
scientifically objective

Therefore Medical Resonance Therapy Music®.

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Your Natural Health Team

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