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Peter Hübner


Classical Composer

Peter Hübner on YouTube
Peter Hübner on YouTube
New German Classical Music
Peter Hübner - PH’s Classics - No. 2
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Dynamic Space Stereophony

PH’s Classics
No. 2

On this CD from PH’s Classics you find excerpts from the following CDs.
When you click on one of the CD pictures or the titles below it will lead you to the CD. There you can hear the excerpt.

Peter HuebnerPeter Huebner - Hymns of the Sun - 2nd Movement
Peter HuebnerPeter Huebner - Violin Concert No. 4
Peter HuebnerPeter Huebner - The Great Celli Orchestra No. 1 - 1st Movement
Peter HuebnerPeter Huebner - Hymns of the Moon - 2nd Movement
Peter HuebnerPeter Huebner - Classical Guitar No. 3 - 2nd Movement
Peter HuebnerPeter Huebner - Piano Concert No. 2
Peter Huebner - Hymns of the Winds  1st Movement
Peter HuebnerPeter Huebner - The 3 Artistic Pianos  Var. 2
Peter HuebnerPeter Huebner - Cello Concert No. 1  2nd Movement
Peter HuebnerPeter Huebner - Sun Symphony Sun Symphony – 4th Movement
Peter HuebnerPeter Huebner - Metamorphoses No. 5

A Digital Studio Recording Under the Artistic and Technical Direction of the Composer.

Total Playing Time: 60’18”

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19.80 €

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Quality in Dynamic Space Stereophony® has its price, but . . .

the creator of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® has determined, that anyone who needs the help of the harmony laws of nature, or the Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, should get it:

  • who has enough money, buys the corresponding music preparations,
  • who has little money, gives as much as he/she can afford, and
  • who has nothing can consequently give nothing and should be supported by special grants.

Dynamic Space Stereophony

medical research

On request of Peter Hübner everything around his Music is organized in such a way that no one from the side of producing the music draws personal profit from it.

It is done via the INTERNATIONAL PHILHARMONY and applies just as much to the composer himself as to anyone else: all profits from the sales of his works are used for further research and development in the fields of music, medicine and education and in the materially not so wealthy countries also for providing patients, children, pupils and students with Medical Resonance Therapy Music® and if necessary also with audio equipment for listening to it.

A music example in mp3 format can unfortunately only give you a small insight into the musical work.
Due to the variety and depth of the musical work we recommend a better version - CD format in 16 bit or even better: the 24 bit version.