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 The Cosmic Harmony Laws of the Microcosm of Music Structuring the Process of Cosmic Thinking HARMONY ON A SCIENTIFIC BASISOVERVIEW
This family package promotes the unity of the family or of a school, of a kindergarten or of the community of listeners, on the level of understanding and feeling and on the level of the mind.

It promotes the harmony of the organs – the harmony of the electromagnetic waves or vibrations: the harmony of the countless electromagnetic vibrations inherent in the body.

Each cell has its own generator and with this generator every cell produces electromagnetic vibrations and electricity. And these electro-magnetic vibrations activate the entire body and keep it running.

And the harmony laws of the microcosm of music, which permeate space and time, coordinate this entire vibration system in the same manner as they also coordinate the orbits of the planets in the entire cosmos and also coordinate the vibrations of each atom. They can only do so, because they are permeating space and time.

In principle one can find this in all areas of the cosmos, but in some areas it is harder to recognize it, and in some it is easier; but here also measuring instruments and mathematics can be of great help.

But in the opinion of the greatest minds in human history, the ear and the internal auditory sense are the best known means brought forth by nature to gain authentic experiences in the field of the harmony laws – depending on the functional capability of the brain and on the operability of the neuro-physiological processes, and of course also depending on the functioning of thinking and of the internal auditory sense – while the thinking also depends to a very large degree on the functioning of the neuro-physiological processes.

And to the neuro-physiological processes belong also the electromagnetic processes in the body.

The laws of harmony affect all these levels directly.
Via the inner logic of the sounds, motifs, sequences and the harmony, as well as via the awareness the harmony laws are carried into the organism.

Both the outer and the inner ear play an important role in regard to the cognition of the harmony laws: in their transmission to the awareness, because by their nature the harmony laws are not audible. But via the awareness they affect the mind and via the mind they affect the neuro-physiological processes, including the electromagnetic processes.

But it is not that something new is added to these processes. These are controlled anyway already since birth or – more precisely: since conception – by the laws of harmony.

But because at sometime during the ageing process the power of this control over these processes decreases, this has a lasting effect on the cosmic order in the entire organism, which these laws of harmony constantly create and maintain.

And the result is disease – as an expression of the decay of the natural order. This can be local, but it can also affect more complex systems.

The MEDICAL RESONANCE THERAPY MUSIC®, structured according to the laws of harmony of the microcosm of music, transfers these harmony laws to the consciousness of the listener, and further on to his mind and neuro-physiological processes and steps with all these aspects into resonance – but only in regard to the functions of these laws of harmony. And through this occurs a resonance amplification in the field of natural order / cosmic orderliness in all functions of the organism, but also in the functions of thinking.

This resonance amplification causes a restoration of the natural order, where it is disturbed – and that until the order is restored.

The secret of MEDICAL RESONANCE THERAPY MUSIC® lies in performing this process of holistic regeneration, renewal and rejuvenation.

The real big secret lies in the cognition of the harmony laws – a cognition that only was and is known to the few great classical composers of all time and to the advanced civilizations with a high culture, and, of course, most notably to nature, who at all levels of the cosmos consciously and purposefully handles this cognition and keeps this process in its complex evolution together in unity.

In musicology, and in science in general, the cognition of the laws of harmony concerns that which holds the world together in its core. And in medicine, it is about applying this cognition to the normal organism via the phenomenon of resonance.

With the harmony laws MEDICAL RESONANCE THERAPY MUSIC® brings nothing new, nothing that would not be already known to the organism and the neuro-physiological processes: they already exist there and become effective there, and the resonance causes only a reinforcement of the already existing processes in the direction of natural cosmic orderliness and function.

And that is valid for every single cell, for sums of cells, ie. organs, for sums of organs, ie. the sums of the neuro-physiological processes, and it is valid for individuals, families and clans and peoples up to the community of nations, and it is equally valid for different communities of people, and is valid regardless of race and nation, of political or religious or whatever orientation, and it is valid regardless of age and educational level, and it is even valid regardless of the state of health.

And it is valid for animate and inanimate nature alike: everywhere the same harmony laws apply.

These cosmic laws of harmony keep us all together with everyone and everything. To realize this is called in its ultimate perfection: science; and to actively pursue it is called in its ultimate perfection: art. And to participate in this, at least more or less, is called relative maintenance of health.

But scientific knowledge alone is of no use, neither in evolution nor in health. It needs to be implemented through art, when health and naturalness, up to cosmic perfection, ought to be activated.

The project of the integration of the sciences and arts lives on all this - as do the associated universities of the future, the project of partnership centers and, centrally, the application of the harmony laws of the microcosm of music in music: as a therapy of cosmic value, at the cosmic level, and of cosmic significance.

Peter Hübner
Classical Composer & Musicologist

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