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Peter Hübner - Medical Resonance Therapy Music<sup>®</sup> - Courage to Face Life
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The program Courage to Face Life is designed for people suffering from low spirits • dejectedness • despondency and disheartedness related to stress.

The medical music program Courage to Face Life consists of the following 12 CDs:

A Digital Studio Recording Under the Artistic, Scientific and Technical Direction of the Composer and Musicologist.

Gesamtspielzeit: 12h 3 Std.


Medical Resonance Therapy Music®

Courage to Face Life
Complete Programme

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“Best Scientific Preparation Against STRESS

  • four times more effective than conventional drugs in the reduction of physiological manifestations of stress
  • eight times more effective than conventional drugs in the improvement of the psychological status
  • without any side effects”
World Health Organization WHO World Health Organization

as acknowledged on the conference of the World Health Organization “Society, Stress & Health” at the Academy of Sciences in Moscow

Directly from the producer: the only quality guarantee you can have
therefore: directly from the composer: no black market.

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Peter Hübner - Courage to Face Life
Complete Courage to Face Life Program · 12 CDs
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Peter Hübner - Courage to Face Life
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RRR 921 Courage to Face Life

Quality in Dynamic Space Stereophony® has its price, but . . .

the creator of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® has determined, that anyone who needs the help of the harmony laws of nature, or the Medical Resonance Therapy Music®, should get it:

  • who has enough money, buys the corresponding music preparations,
  • who has little money, gives as much as he/she can afford, and
  • who has nothing can consequently give nothing and should be supported by special grants.

Dynamic Space Stereophony

medical research

On request of Peter Hübner everything around his Music is organized in such a way that no one from the side of producing the music draws personal profit from it.

It is done via the INTERNATIONAL PHILHARMONY and applies just as much to the composer himself as to anyone else: all profits from the sales of his works are used for further research and development in the fields of music, medicine and education and in the materially not so wealthy countries also for providing patients, children, pupils and students with Medical Resonance Therapy Music® and if necessary also with audio equipment for listening to it.

A music example in mp3 format can unfortunately only give you a small insight into the musical work.
Due to the variety and depth of the musical work we recommend a better version - CD format in 16 bit or even better: the 24 bit version.